the girls behind

Maree ann co

Hello & Welcome!

We are three sisters Rebekah, Lauren, Kaylah and a best friend Ash who we have known and has been apart of the family for 25 years.

In November 2021 we lost Maree to the awful illness Motor Neurone Disease (MND) after a 28 month battle.

Combining a few of our passions that are aligned with the things Maree loved we decicded to create an online gift store with purpose. We will be donating 10% of profits to FightMND so they can continue their research in finding a treatment and cure.


Rebekah is an amazing mum of two, to Ryder and Millie. She is wrapped up in all things baby, from newborn essentials to toddler educational games. For the last 2 years Rebekah was on maternity leave caring and spending quality time with Maree. During that time they enjoyed all the special moments that come with bringing a new life into the family. Maree had the pleasure and joy of meeting her first grandson Ryder and second grandson Jamie, she watched them thrive in their environments and has made sure they both along with Millie (who she sadly didn't get to meet) are left behind with some beautiful keepsakes she sourced for them.


Lauren has always had a love for homewares, and home décor. With Lauren purchasing 2 homes in the last 8 years with her most recent being less then a year ago, she loves finding beautiful crafted pieces for her rooms. Pieces include handcrafted vases, to beautifully scented candles, flowers and kitchenware. Lauren's favorite room to style has definitely been Jamie's bedroom and play room with nursery décor and keepsake items. Lauren has been on maternity leave for the past 8 months and helped care for Maree in her final few months. Maree loved watching Lauren in her element, sourcing items for her homes. Lauren makes all of the keepsake and personalised items.


Kaylah has always been the creative sister, always wanting to design and create new pieces such as trinkets and keepsakes to go around the home. Kaylah would come home from work and care for Maree and spend most weekends with her. Kaylah and Maree shared a mutual love of everything self care - from having massages, facials, reading a book in a quiet space, sleep ins or watching TV whilst smelling a beautiful scented candle. Kaylah is currently working full time as a digital analyst and packs the our orders when she gets home.


Ash's passions have always been food, travel, photography, meaningful gifts and newly all things websites and e-commerce. Ash became Maree's "fourth" girl at the age of 7 being Lauren's best friend at primary school and basketball. Sadly Ash's mum passed away from cancer at the age of 8. This is when Maree made Ash part of our family and enjoyed taking on the role throughout the years as one of her mother figures. Ash loves cooking and making new recipes for people to enjoy. All you have to do is go to her Instagram @ashleyswallow to see her passion for all things photography, food and travel. Maree loved watching Ash's cooking videos and more importantly when she was able to she loved eating what Ash would cook. Ash has always had an eye for photography taking beautiful pictures around the world which Maree and her had in common. (although Maree couldn't quite take a photo like Ash, she did make up for it in quantities😅) Ash has created our beautiful website and is our photographer/content creator.

With all of our passions and mutual loves in mind we have created this online store for you to shop for yourselves or your loved ones.

We know how busy life can be sometimes and to get a beautiful gift together can take time and effort shopping at all different stores. We have taken the effort and time out of it for you, making it easy to give a meaningul gift.

Maree hated shopping and the time and effort it took. She did however love to gift and that's how we came up with the idea of starting this store. We don't know anyone Maree didn't give a baby journal too or a gift they can keep and treasure for many years to come. We are supporting and stocking small Australian businesses and where possible we have sourced sustainable packaging.

When you purchase from us you are not only helping a small Aussie business grow, but also helping keep Maree's legacy alive as 10% of profits are being donated to FightMND who are trying to find treatments and the cure for MND, so a big thank you!