Remembering Maree with Sue Conn

A tribute to my friend Maree from Susie……

Maree was a lady full of life and she was my beautiful friend. There was never a dull moment with Maree. She was one of those people that instantly made you feel welcomed and comfortable, no matter where you were.

I met Maree in my late teens. We shared so many milestones and great memories together. She was always there for me, through all the good and all the tricky times. She was a part of my wedding, she was around for the birth of my children, as well as the many special occasions that came during our friendship. Our children grew up like siblings and she treated mine like her own. We went on many family holidays and endured many sporting trips together. 

Maree & Sue
Motor Neurone Disease took my great friend from me in late 2021. I watched her go from a very active and totally involved person in her family and many friends’ lives, to a person that was unable to do anything for herself. Her ability to complete the daily tasks that I now appreciate so much, gradually declined to the point where she was totally reliant on others. It was so hard to watch this amazingly capable and fiercely independent woman deteriorate the way she did but, how hard would it have been for Maree!

I am so lucky to have spent so much time with Maree, time that I will cherish forever. It saddens me when I think about the many milestones, adventures and celebrations that were still to come that Maree won’t be able to share in especially, with her husband, children and grandchildren because MND took her from us far too early. 

Congratulations to Rebekah, Lauren, Kaylah and Ashley for bringing their idea to life in memory of Maree.  

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  • rosa Del Mastro

    Sue, you have had the honor & privilege to have spent many happy & eventful years with Maree. I only wished that I had met Maree many years ago, for the short time that I had known Maree she always had time for a chat & we had many laughs that we shared through silly things we would say or do which our kids always made fun of. I truly believe that we would have been really good friends & not just inlaws,.Maree was a true person inside & out. You are truly missed Maree. xx

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